Our Story

Founded in Pennsylvania, United States with a vision to help support pets and people in need. Anxiety is the number one behavioral reason pets are abused and surrendered to shelters. Our goal is to help keep pets and pet owners happy in their homes. 

We speak for pets: Enhancing the lives of pets to the degree in which they enrich ours is the ultimate pursuit. At Lulupaw, we put heart, soul and science into our products. It’s all about pets, not profit. Every problem calls for a solution. Lulupaw is dedicated to creating products that solve the complex needs of pets and their owners.

“We’ve always put ourselves in the pet’s paws, always identifying what is best for the animal, not for profit or publicity.”

Our Pawprint: We always put pets first and strive to provide solutions that are safe and environmentally friendly. Lulupaw is on a mission to provide recyclable packaging materials and opportunities for our customers to minimize their waste footprint.