LuluPaw Lint Remover

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Most Innovative and Effective Lint Remover

 Easy to Use & Time-Saving. Instantly and easily removes pet and human hair, crumbs, pills, fluff, bobbles or lint without damaging the fabric.

Ever tired of removing again and again the lint and fur on your clothes or furniture? Do you feel broken hearted by choosing not to wear your favorite coat because it can easily get lint on it? Do you hesitate to play with your pet because you think its fur might stick your clothes or carpet or sofa? 

Have all these thoughts and feeling put aside as we offer you a product that will not just remove lint and fur, but also protect your clothes and furniture. Introducing the COPPER LINT REMOVER.

Copper Lint Remover is BATTERY FREE so you can experience a continuous usage. It is EFFECTIVELY REMOVES PET HAIR, CRUMBS, PILLING LINT without LEAVING a STICKY RESIDUE.